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  1. some feature additions
  2. Heroes
  3. A few points
  4. Training Times
  5. Suggestions for a better gameplay and less boredom for players.
  6. The level up times are just too long
  7. Gem bug and few ideas
  8. Achievement system
  9. Gem store / converter
  10. My Suggestions for level up system .
  11. Leveling times
  12. Confirm Gem Spending
  13. Better Gear Drops
  14. Skills: Thea needs a boost
  15. Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
  16. Gems back for items sold
  17. Gems & Skill
  18. Brazilian version and a few other things
  19. Ideas
  20. Suggestions for updates
  21. Buy options Gear / Skill Points
  22. Armor sets
  23. Selling back Items
  24. add new skill
  25. News board?
  26. Another round of 1/2 price heroes!
  27. Changes and recommendations
  28. Unequip Function
  29. Armor problem.
  30. Big Thanks to Glu
  31. Raise level cap to 40
  32. Z'dar needs to be nerfed and Melee heroes and Thea's Astra Stun should be buffed.
  33. Transferring Items
  34. Amber
  35. Mines that give crystals
  36. Suggestion on difficulty.
  37. Amethyst Road Block
  38. lvl2 Gems (Ametists) drop proportions
  39. Silver to Gems Option
  40. Option to fire heroes and rehire them back at level 1
  41. Setting to AUTO SELL low value items
  42. This Week's Rewards defaults to lowest value
  43. Upgrade Item Tiers With Gems
  44. Fix the difficulty ratings!
  45. Moving through the map
  46. Daily Prizes
  47. Agression control - Change to game machanics
  48. About Arcane Weapons
  49. Online Trade System
  50. Weekly Missions
  51. Skill points for Glu Coins
  52. Featured Item
  53. Stars
  54. Gear drops
  55. About precious stones
  56. NEW Content!
  57. Be able to switch between Cellphone and tablet
  58. Coherent Rewards on Elite missions (NEED TO BE FIXED)
  59. How about a new hero?
  60. Weekly Missions Gone
  61. Get rid of the teamups they are worse than worthless.
  62. Useless coins
  63. Leogan really needs a buff or a refund option.
  64. Achievemnt bug
  65. Way on getting rid of SURPLUS RUNIC GEAR
  66. 5th Runic Weapon
  67. New characters, o'da and the goblin...
  68. Character upgrades and a few other suggestions
  69. Upgrading Trinkets/Accessories/Whatever You Call Them
  70. Fix weekly mission difficulty levels
  71. suggestion
  72. Trade/swap
  73. Marketplace
  74. HOD unplayable with WI-FI on
  75. v2.0 Harder to earn gems than in earlier version
  76. Useless runic items
  77. Sale of Precious Stones
  78. to save the game
  79. PLEASE PLEASE fix how you rate difficulty.
  80. Character change bug
  81. More mines and Runic Upgrades
  82. Make mines upgradable
  83. More Mission indicators
  84. Spamming us with ads is ****
  85. Gem upgrade
  86. Break tactic
  87. Multiplayer
  88. Head Hunters every day, remove the other ****
  89. Buy challenge tokens with gems!
  90. Suggestions for improvements in battles
  91. Suggestion: get rid of UI glitches
  92. Grazzak
  93. Suggestion: Full reset for hero
  94. For the love of GOD stop asking for hero reset, ASK for skill purchase
  95. For the love of GOD stop asking for skill purchase, ASK for hero reset
  96. How about some gem other than Amber and Amethyst...
  97. gear system upgrade to customize tactic
  98. Ways to improve Runic fusion system
  99. Сharacter information and more
  100. Runic items
  101. Alia's deep freeze skill needs fixing
  102. how to transfer account from old phone to new phone?
  103. Punish people like me! (Double skills points)
  104. Something must be done about double skill points
  105. make heroes cheaper!!!
  106. finish the game before you take peoples money
  107. New Outfits
  108. Skill Activation Fix
  109. Stats
  110. One time fee to stop pop-up adds
  111. transfering coins to glu points.
  112. GameCenter friends)
  113. problemas
  114. Updates please 😭😭😭
  115. Updates please 😭😭😭