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What are "Glu Credits?"

Glu Credits are available on Android only! They are shared credits between several of Glu's games (but not all). Since Glu Credits are shared, anywhere you choose to spend them will show a reduction across all those games. Likewise, credits earned in one game may be spent in another.

I completed an offer but did not receive the currency

This refers to offers from Glu’s partners. Special promotions of third-party products are run by a company called Tapjoy. There are three types of partner offers in our games:

Offers that require you to watch a short video for an instant payout in game currency.
Video offers are programmed to allow only one video per day in most games, unless there is a special promotion. If the video is not awarding the currency promised, it means that the system has detected that you have already watched a video within the last twenty-four hours, or that this promotion segment has completed and will be replaced by a new promotion soon. Videos are not available at all times and may be removed without notice.

Offers that require you to subscribe to a service or membership (Like Netflix for example) or to purchase a product (like Flowers or goods)
Some of the subscriptions may take a little over an hour for Tapjoy to process them (Tapjoy is the company that administers and runs these offers).

Offers that require you to download and play a game
If you downloaded a game that offers you Glu Credits, you need to run the downloaded game at least once - while you are online - after you have installed it, and have clicked on the Tapjoy offer wall. This process applies for any Glu Mobile game using Tapjoy offers.

Getting Help
If you need help with these offers, please contact Tapjoy. They have a support system in place to help and their staff is more than happy to investigate any issues pertaining to these advertisements. The easiest way for you to get a hold of Tapjoy is through the support links which they provide in each of their platforms. If you are using the in-app version of the Marketplace, you can reach them through the “Missing Points?” link at the bottom of their list of offers. If you are going through, please log in to your account and go to the Options button at the top-left corner of the page. From there, hit the "Help" button in the drop-down menu; the "Contact Support" button will allow you to submit your issue. No matter the route, your issue will get to their support team who will respond to you as quickly as they are able.

How do I share Glu Credits in Glu Mobile games?

You can only share currency in our games if the games are on an Android device and enabled (not all Glu Games are enabled to share currency). Kindle Fire can only share credits on enabled games on the same device only. All other games that are not enabled to share currency remain stand alone and their currencies are managed within the app itself. "GGN" is no longer supported.

Please note: Only Glu currency is shared and saved on our servers. Game progress is NOT saved online. If you uninstall the game or change devices then you will lose your game progress and the game will restart from level 1. It is not recommended to uninstall our games for any reason, please do not troubleshoot by reinstalling games as you will erase your progress.

My Glu Credits suddenly dropped to zero even though I didn't spend them!

If you had unspent Glu Credits in your account that suddenly dropped to zero, not to worry - the credits are still there; the zero reading is almost certainly due to a small data file on your device having become corrupted. It's easy to fix:

Firt, make sure you are playing while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi. If the problem remains, your device may not be communicating to our servers. here is how to resolve the problem: Using a file manager, locate the folder on your device under sdcard0/Android/data/ Delete this folder “” to force the game to re-create the folder next time it is launched. This re-establishes contact with the server and should resolve your problem. Ensure the device is online and run a GGN-enabled game. Your Glu credits should be visible again.

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