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Thread: Dungeon Keeper Harder this week?

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    Dungeon Keeper Harder this week?

    Well this time its close 2 impossible to beat 3 start mission 3 for me.
    This mission is harder then War Without End 4 starts.

    Last time i played i was kinda eazy, They did allot less DPS but has about the same amount of health. About 10k++

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    Agreed. I could barely beat 3star lvl 2

    My thoughts in another thread.

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    I can't get to the inside of the castle let alone beat 2 star level 3 mission.

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    I thought the difficulty was part of the installed program but evidently there is server-side control on this because, as you noticed, this week has gone back to hard mode.

    I can get everything except the last three-star. I'd like to beat it but I'm OK with how it is. Better a challenge than a final mission with a foe who can only do 70 HP of damage with each hit.

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    I couldn't beat the second difficulty 3star mission yesterday either because the monster would get stuck off screen. After about the 7 or 8th time of them getting stuck I just gave up. Anyone else have this problem on difficulty 2 star 3?

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