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    Deer Hunter 2014 Issues!

    Not that Glu cares or will ever fix these issues! Don't bother downloading this game I have gotten to Africa twice and the dumb game reset back to the beginning! It is beyond frustrating and I got so sick of it resetting me back to the beginning I finally got smart and deleted it! Do not waste your time the only thing you will get out of this game is a bunch of frustrating bugs!

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    And a lighter wallet. I actually spent money to get credits. Will end up about $120. I received 1800 credits. Then my game lost progress and now I have nothing. No help at all from Glu as of today.

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    I've had zero issues. good game....too bad there ain't no regions past 6. dang.

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    No offence intended but anyone who spends $120 on a game needs help

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    Alguien me puede ayudar a solucionar el problema del temporizador porque no me carga las vidas!!

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    well the new glitch today is that the game is not saving progress..... do not bother to play, people, because the progress will be lost. You have to wait for Glu to fix the new problem

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    I have -40,000 glu coins help.

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    Hope you enjoyed the hack that you used. And thanks for reviving a year old thread.
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