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    over 13k GS???!!!

    How is that possible? Niceassasin is maxed out on all gs. How can this no name possibly get over 13k gs??????
    IGN: BlDS
    Guild: -=WOLFPACK=-

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    plenty more where this came from. Not only is blacksexy admitting his guild Devil Jins uses hacks but he is posting link to hack in town.

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    .,that 13k gs player is one of our member in FairAndHonor,. Looks like a bug on his mage's wand with 4k+ gs,

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    yes it is very funy
    Quote Originally Posted by bidsy View Post

    Deviljins openly admits hacking in town chat and laughs about it. This should be an easy removal with evidence..please fix this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flamerio88 View Post
    why you are still think about gold gear, about IIF ???? wkwkwkwkkw

    use a mod, play in endless from wave 120 until wave 250, if you see a gear with gold color take it, i get 10+ goldy gear, every i play endless....

    think again, broo
    flamerio88 may be giving advice on catching hackers but the above quote paints a different picture.

    it came from this thread.

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    As stated above Deviljins is full of hackers. Blacksexy recruits hackers in open chat during survival tournament.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutal View Post
    I identified two very large sets of people with impossible scores. Why was my post deleted? And as to 75 people being removed, there were far more than that gaining impossible scores just in the first hour of the tourney. :/

    Maybe provide an example of what you are looking for? That post represented a fair amount of wasted time of my part.
    If your post had details and was deleted it was by accident, so I'll look for it.

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    Gluadmin what is hard for it to delete player over 160 lvl endless...What you need evidence? Everyone knows that there are know too ...So what's the problem..Can you answer me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gluadmin View Post
    If your post had details and was deleted it was by accident, so I'll look for it. is so clear...MANY posts got deleted. To make it seem like only a few reported or pointed out the glaring truth about the unfair hacking going on that has never been addressed. 75 players were cleared from the leaderboard? Prove it! Give us the list of this 75 and have us see if you really listened and did something. Also, were they also banned and not given the prize meant for the deserving player/guild or were they just cleared from the leaderboard. Big difference there, sir. Gotta be more clear as this has been a very much delayed action on glu's part and its not very convincing.

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    Yup mharvz is right..Our member in Fair and Honor for my perspective that his ancestral staff is bug with 4k max gs..aight..

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