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    xFatherEW3 Is A hacker of Highest order

    1. The player uses infinite orb skills:

    2. He fortified his defense. When hit and down or under attack his bar remain the same:

    3. The player left before time and surprisingly he switched positions and he won:

    4. xFatherEW3 presently occupies and undeserved top position:

    Please investigate him

    Thank you

    Matthew Patrick Akhere

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    Another kacker infinity live...

    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    How zFatherEW3 Cheats

    The above player only play for few minutes, leaves the on-going fight before it ends and switches position. Ans the player is declared the winner. For what i know, any player who leaves before the end of the game automatically looses the game.

    This is the third time I am fighting the player in pop arena and this is how the players wins.

    zfatherEW3 is a cheat and currently occupies the at the pep arena tourney.

    Please investigate the player further.

    Thank you.

    Matthew Patrick Akhere

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    Please investigate this player. I battled him twice and both times his health did not go down one bit. Furthermore, he was just standing under my orb without bothering to move and his health still did not go down at all.

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    Another hacker with infinity live ....

    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    Another f*** hacker with infinity live

    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    lexa164. Egy budos nagy cheater az arenaban!

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    Another, another, another....
    F*** hackers.

    F*** hackers....

    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    I m adding some more names of hacker's. .......
    spvoligorsp, ares, kingreset, xyrce and more ....All are health regenerating...
    Everyday it's increasing and noone here to fix.

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    Lot of posts/complains had been made but there is no official announcement from you, GLU Team.

    We wanted to know if you have plans on updating, fixing, mainting EW3.

    I personally choose EW3 over EW4. So it is important foe me to know if i ahould continue playing this game.

    Hope it will not take too long for you to hear our voices.

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