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    Like Katie my Facebook friends aren't updating either I haven't done anything exactly i tried contacting GLU and they stated that the update before would help but it didn't so I've tried to wait it out and thought this update would fix it nothing has changed and glu didn't exactly help either so i haven't bothered with even contacting them again. I'm gonna assume that they are frozen because I've tried everything and nothing worked.

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    I contacted GLU for a several times already and they can't help. They just keep telling me that it takes time for a friendlist to update, and I should re-login and restart my device, so I also don't try to bother them again. Unfortunately nothing works and my friends are still frozen.
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    Hi. I'm sorry this is happening. I sent you a pm . After the update, all but 3 of my friends are active again. I think those 3 frozen ones might not have taken then update. So let's see if new active players change for you, and then we'll take it from there. At least you'll have more detailed info when you get back to support.
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