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    Same here. Every other aspect of the game works fine except connecting to social hub. Frustrating.

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    Contacted the Customer Support and that should have been fixed now (for me it started working around 11 hours ago).

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    My goals are non existent too! Everything is fine otherwise but can't access any goals! Please fix this problem! So frustrating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyYep View Post
    My goals are non existent too! Everything is fine otherwise but can't access any goals! Please fix this problem! So frustrating!
    Sorry to hear that. Do you mind clarifying what you mean by the goals being nonexistent? When you pull down to refresh does it not show a single goal. including Gordons? If so, please contact Customer Care with a screenshot so that we may investigate further. Thanks!

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    Well, it's the weekend, and as usual I can't access group goals. There is a little retry button and the sad red check connection error. Clicking retry does not help. No goals are displayed. I can view friends, collect hearts, buy food from the farm market and duel. I apologize to my friends that I can't help them out by completing their goals or add any for them. Guess I will do what I should be doing anyway....Saturday chores! Time for laundry, washing the car, take the dog for a walk....

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    Thanks Mike, already did havenít heard back! I have the little yellow block to make goals, no pubic goals!

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    Oh god, **** you autocorrect! Public goals! Sorry

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    I have frequent problems with group goals as well. Sometimes when I'm the middle of a goal, I close and restart the app, the group goal is gone and I can't continue it. Then hour later the message pops up that the goal expired, which obviously ticks me off. Also sometimes it lots choices of group goals to join which refreshes with new options when I pull down, but sometimes it only shows a few options and does NOT refresh with different goals when I pull down. So I don't get more choices and the ones available are usually not the ones I want. Hope this issue can be fixed. The game has many other bugs but this is the worst

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    *Hours later, I mean.
    Also this is not a connection problem coz it happens even when I'm connected to the same wifi.

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    I am also beginning to wonder if all of my friends group goals are posted to my goal board. I have 40 very active friends (most with 1000+ goals completed), since the update there are only a few goals on my board. In the past, there were generally 10 goals or so active at any given time. Interestingly I checked my message board, and a friend sent the "I created a group goal, help me out" message. It had a little green go button. When I clicked it, it added it to my goal board. Sadly, I then got the check connection error. Arghhh!!!!! Long story short, I don't think all my goals are showing up, and the check connection error is taunting me!!!

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