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    I have not seen any from you, maybe one! I am in goal hell myself! No public goals, so now I have no hearts, no goals and no patience left! I contacted support 6 times since the disaster update goal connection Armageddon hit! Nothing back yet today! Just wanted you to know I am not ignoring you or anyone else's goals, I can't get a goal! Hopefully soon! Just fyi

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    No worries, Amy! My suspicion was that all my friends weren't seeing my goals because I didn't see theirs. Hopefully this issue will be corrected soon!

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    I was wondering if there was a problem today as I posted a group goal and not even one person helped which has never happened before...

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    Today I can see a few group goals on my board. When I hit the join button, the dreaded check connection warning pops up. I can't join any goals at all. It has been that way all day. As usual, every other part of the game works swimmingly, only group goals gives me fits.

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