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    Chef Arena

    I have just purchased Chef Arena. I timed it as Chopper Joe is on sales this week.

    Can someone tell me if I have to upgrade the venue every time the week resets?

    As in everything I upgrade for the week will be reset too when the ingredients changes?

    if yes then I have just wasted 200 golds and all the tickets I use to get Chopper Joe


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    No, your upgrades will remain. However the ingredients change each week meaning there will be new items to upgrade next week.

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    There is a limited amount of ingredients, so eventually you won't have to upgrade them each week. This is my favorite venue because of the great rewards for beating each boss. I think you spent your gold and tickets wisely

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    Thanks for the replies.

    So that means it's only new ingredients I have to upgrade and whatever appliances and others decors remains after upgraded.

    if that's so then at least it's not wasted

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    another question : when do you get the 5 stars in the chef arena? I just beat for the first time all oponents including gordon. but I have zero stars so far

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    Well, if you beat all the bosses you should have two stars at least. One star is granted for beating the Wishelin Inspector and one for beating Paola Sanchez. Another is given for having one duel in that venue during the week. Those 3 stars reset every week when everything else resets (as the other venues do). The 2 non-resetting stars are given for 70% upgrades and buying the complete venue uniform. Hope that helps.

    - SuFe2

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    thanks a lot for your answer. So there seems to be a problem in my case as I have still 0/5 stars despite beating all bosses.

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    Maybe because the reset? But it's unlikely that you've beat all bosses without having 70% upgrade, so.. Yeah - seems like a bug.

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    Touch the little green I under the chef arena on the world map. It will show your progress on each element needed to earn stars.

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