Q: I am playing EW3 on my Android device, is it possible to move the game to my Apple device and vice versa?
A: EW3 does not support multi-platform operations. You cannot move accounts from one platform to another.

Q: I am planning to change my phone soon and I am playing EW3. Will the game resume from where I left on my new device?
A: It depends on what device you will be using. It is best to contact Customer Care by submitting a ticket and work with our staff to get help with this request. In a future update of the game, we will be looking for a more seamless solution that will allow you to do this on your own.

Q: Can I play EW3 on multiple devices at the same time?
A: EW3 plays on 1 device at a time. If you start a new game on a different device then you will be playing 2 different accounts on the 2 different devices. In a future update of the game, you will be able to play on multiple devices where the game will resume based on your last saved point in your profile.

Q: I uninstalled the game by mistake and when I reinstalled it, my progress was gone
A: This may only happen on an iOS device if you do not have any other Glu game installed. Contact Customer Care by submitting a ticket to get help on a resolution. If you have other Glu games installed, or you are on Android, your progress should accessible based on your last cloud save.

Please be aware that with millions of players on thousands of devices playing dozens of games it may take some time for us to respond to your request. We appreciate your patience.