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    About the Wings In Eternity warriors 3

    I believe that the drop isn't fair in this game I ave 170 drop rate and I didn't receive any wings,whereas my friend who had 20 drop rate he got wing.This is not fair I have been working for wings sine many days atleast I deserve the wings

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    First of all, the wings have super low drop rate. Second of all, a 170% increase isn't much anyways. The wings have like 0.001% drop rate, so 170% makes it around 0.002% only. Third of all, Glu messed up the release and they're backlogged with complaints and tickets, so they probably won't have time to do a buff on the drop rates.

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    210% IIF here and still haven't droped any wings

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    I've been at u'r spot and i know how it feels

    I kept beating legendary hellboy and no luck getting a wing, but i continue beating him till i don't care whether he'll drop a wing or not... and then suddenly he drop me a wing

    a word of advice, don't play for a wing, play for fun and you finally got the wing

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    well. i play on him for other reason . i won't tell it cuz i'll break my luck but u know what i mean ( what drops from him )

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    yeah i know, not getting what we want so badly, but when we already give up on that thing suddenly it dropped, lol

    I even got another general's flag, when i want a legendary weapon so bad, and now it's so hard to sell one of the flag

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    Guy's I have 370% IF and still no wings or better weapon

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