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    Quote Originally Posted by Inception View Post
    My suggestion is to hire this dude. How many of your programmers have technical skills with equally impressive ability to interact with the community? Could do EW3 some good.
    Lol, Thanks! Unfortunately I moved back from Houston back to my home town in Virginia and IT jobs are as common as albino elephants here. In Houston I wasn't programming but at least was taking flight manuals and converting them intonxml at Johnson Space Center. That was a cool job, but.was only there a year. The year Hurricane Rita ripped through. Them I had to move back to care for Dad who had cancer (he's fine...he's had it three times now and best it each time).

    But now I'm stuck here. If I can get back into Richmond I can start programming again. In the meantime I develop stuff for the G2 or Android in general on the xda forums (we did while I was able to run a rooted phone), and help small developers write sections of code for their apps they distribute on the Play Store (or iron out bugs, etc). I'd love to take a job at GLU as the way most games with iAPs are now, the quality of gaming has dropped so hard it's not funny. Some games have got it right (Dr. Who: Legacy is one of's a Bejewled type puzzle game - a genre I normally HATE - I love that game).

    I don't want to see GLU go the way of DeNA, but with DeNA turning insane profits (in the hundreds of billions) each quarter for basically turn basically web browser based trading card games) it takes a company with a strong love of gaming to not try to copy their success and instead of ruin mobile gamine, elevate it to where games of legend are born. GLU themselves have been around a while as well and also turn a good profit I'm sure (can't state as fact as I've never looked), but in the last they have put out quality games that didn't sick you dry. ET3 actually isn't that bad when it comes to iAPs as none of them are necessary at all except for inventory space additions (and hey, if you are playing the game daily then they deserve to be rewarded and paid). It just appears that way to impatient players. I didn't install Diablo II: LoD and begin playing onnHarcode mode online first thing and make it to level 99 and find a set of all the best elite uniques in a day, or a week, or a month, etc. After learning the game, yes we could team up and speed level a hardcore player from lvl 1 into the high 80s low 90s in a few hours. I played that game for 4 years almost and amassed a TON of good uniques that I stored on mules on multiple accounts (along with a few accounts of nothing but ears...haha...MissyEscobar ...destroyer of dreams... For those who don't know, in hardcore mode once you die you are dead for good and lose all gear...gear which is not easy to get back like unbreakable gear is to get off Hellboy. That's why we had accounts with characters that served just as inventory space to store good gear, as you lost everything in your stash as well when you died (not if, but when). My long is in 4 years I only farmed a small handful of elite uniques. The high end stuff had crazy drop rates, and there was no way to ship out a credit card and just skip weeks of gameplay to simply buy an item. I think being able to do such things in a game, especially one where grinding IS the game, is defeating the purpose of even playing. Then again, all the best items in ET3 are earned from grinding. I think their iAP system is one of the better ones out there as it's only there for people who find an hour or two of grinding a session too irritating or who think farming for an item for a week is too long (time it took to farm murdermaker ).

    But I went way off topic as I haven't slept in two days and am just rambling. I'd love to find an official permanent IT job for a game developer. I can also code for iOS as that just uses native c or c++? I'd just need a very quick lesson on file structure, suggested best practices, etc. This isn't a job application for GLU though. If I did, I'd have to agree on the companies long term vision and their policies, etc...of which I know none of with GLU.

    If there was only one or two developers on the game (like Dr. Who for example), suggestions AMD bugs can be handled MUCH more quickly a there is not a CTO running things or a Project Manager delegating tasks and creating schedules. Time doesn't need to be wasted on creating rral prototypes and having them approved, etc. There is no real structure with red tape to get through, and the one or two developers know their code inside out and can make changes as they see fit and have the capability of fixing bugs or implementing suggestions within the same day of the submission. I've also found these guys produce the games I usually enjoy the most as they are creating out of love and don't nickel and dime. Large companies have their benefits as well. Better production value, easier time with licensing (think NFL teams for a Madden game..or more money for licensing more expensive game engines), well I could go on.

    I'm no guru or genius, but thought I could at least attempt to help while not being ranked, which also means I haven't been logging in to play at all lol. Maybe I can add you as a reference so that zi might finally get hired at the only place nearby that actually uses a real IF staff..lmao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKingslayr View Post
    Im on a device that was jailbroken over a year ago. I've never hacked anything and Ive paid real money to play this game. I worked my way into a top guild and risk losing my place since i cant contribute. If anyone has a successful fix so I dont lose everything, please share.
    King! Same issue here and I'm trying really hard to get ranking to work again. I just joined ONEUNITED (#1 ranked guild) and unless I can contribute vp for tourneys I won't be able to stay in.

    To prohibit devices from being ranked simply for being rooted/jailbroken is absolutely ridiculous for ONE REASON ABOVE ALL ELSE: I use a jailbroken device with EW3 SO I CAN BACKUP MY GAME SAVE BECAUSE SOMEHOW GLU FINDS IT ACCEPTABLE TO PROVIDE ABSOLUTELY NO CLOUD SAVES OR DEVICE SYNCING WHATSOEVER AND STILL ASK FOR A SMALL FORTUNE FOR IN-APP PURCHASES. You expect us to drop a mountain of cash on this game that is, at most, good for two or three item evolutions realistically. In the event we have to reset or restore our device, or just simply get a new phone, you expect us to say "Oh well, I'll just forget about the months of time and money I invested already and start all over." To think that you haven't addressed that immediately and don't seem to think it's an issue is absurd.

    I found my own way to backup the game and even transfer it to another device myself, thanks to a couple incredibly helpful and perfectly legitimate jailbreak utilities. It seems like a moot point now though considering after months of grinding and progressing and upgrading, you've rendered my game broken without the ability to do the one thing which is left after acquiring a set of godly gear: tournaments. You have your priorities extremely screwed up.
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    for me, this topic is closed and I'm going to find an alternative game

    glu is apparently not interested on a solution,
    I just get a standard reply from support

    here the answer

    Hello ........,

    At this time we do not have a way of removing the flag. We apologize for the disappointment this may cause.

    Glu Mobile Customer Care

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    That's better than the copy and paste email that I received that was just the "official VP response" that GLU has posted hereaabout the restrictions again letting me know that my device must have been rooted at some time or an app that calls su is installed. That's the third or fourth time I've been told that after posting in more knows how many topics here how this phone is practically new and hasn't been rooted once since it came out of the LG box it was packaged in.

    I don't understand the reply the sent to you though. When I read that to me I read "It's more convenient and less time consuming to just deny that we can do anything about it because the idiots will believe whatever we say. It doesn't hurt us financially so why bother"

    I'm sorry for being for being so harsh but that's exactly what I read. In really do hope that in the future they listen to their player base and when there are people blowing up the forums with an issue that just MAYBE something is wrong. All these hacks they are trying to prevent can be applied using non rooted devices.

    I've posted a way to do this, and another forum member has as well.thisot to hurt the game or GLU at all, but to show them that if they really care about the integrity of the leaderboards that they are, well, setting up a checkpoint to hopefully catch the theives while still leaving their treasure unguarded and out in the open, and hoping that nobody will realize that they can just step around the checkpoint. I'm actually hoping that this will help them to actually secure the game and improve the situation.

    It looks like though that I'm finding a new game as well though. I'll still be frequenting these forums to check up, and even requesting a complete refund if all transactions made to GLU, and link to these forums to prove to them what's going on. In am still having faith they will do what's right though and will hold off, as I'd feel bad if they fixed this in a new update and if I had refunded everything I basically donated to them. I'm a sucker for seeing people do what's right. Sorry that that's tjebrrspknse that you got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gluadmin View Post
    Rooted/jailbroken devices are not supported in EW3 (or any of Glu's games), so we cannot troubleshoot issues on these devices.


    We do not support rooted devices in general but if you can get your device to work then certainly feel free to share that info with others; however we cannot troubleshoot issues on rooted devices.
    Yeah... but we will fully support and highly appreciate your money. The exclusive feature of buying our stuff will always be there for you, jailbroken/rooted or not.

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    Yeah Jailbroked Money Welcome, but Not the Buyed Players in Tournament

    Jailbroked Player blocked in Tournaments, but Not blocked give us your Money Buttons


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